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Best Reminder Software for Windows 10:

  • Set the amount of time between breaks
  • Play music randomly during breaks
  • Say a word before break
  • Show 30 seconds countdown timer before break
  • It may be the Only make man Luckier software in the world

Download Ver 2018.11 (Extracting password: lucky)   Buy Now $21 / year

  • Your shopping safety is 100% guaranteed
  • One time payment, Lifetime Upgrades FREE
  • 100% Clean, no Spyware, Adware or Viruses
  • The unlock code to unlock the screen in an emergency will be sent immediately after your purchase
  • One license for one computer, you can uninstall our product from your old computer, then install it on a new computer without buying it over again, you don't need to let us know your intention first before uninstalling it from your old computer.

How to install Lucky Rest Reminder:

Lucky Rest Reminder is a portable software, just download it, then move it to a folder, right click on it, unzip it with the password lucky, double click on lucky-rest-reminder.exe to run it

Please note that anti-virus might prevent you from using it, we guarantee that our software is 100% clean, no Spyware, Adware or Viruses

It is recommended to turn off anti-virus software (such as Windows defender) before downloading and add file lucky-rest-reminder.exe to the whitelist of anti-virus software

Where is Lucky Remind Reminder tray icon?

The system tray appears at the bottom of the screen

If you don't see the Lucky Rest Reminder icon, it could be automatically hidden by Windows. Click on the small white arrow to show all system tray icons. Click the Lucky Rest Reminder icon to show its Window

The Lucky Rest Reminder app in your system tray

Why this software can make me even more fortunate

Lucky Rest Reminder was designed under the direction of a master who already understands the mystery of the universe and life. He said that life lies in sports, and more correctly, life is in rotation

If I want to be more fortunate, what do I need to do?

The more steps you do, the more you are lucky:

  • Download Lucky Rest Reminder and start using it every day
  • Use photos of yourself or your family members, the software will automatically rotate them during the break time
  • Purchase Lucky Rest Reminder to support us
  • Tell your friends about Lucky Rest Reminder

Are there any restrictions on using Lucky Rest Reminder?

  • You can use it for free if your income is very low
  • You can send the software download link to your friends without first asking for our consent
  • You need to link to If you put the software on a web page for download (also do not need to ask for our prior consent)

How to hide it when I enter the unlock code

The unlock code is a few lowercase letters. You can add any character before and after, as long as the lengths of the front and back characters are the same

Supported music formats:

.wav .wma .mp2 .mp3 .aif .aiff .au

You can use EasiestSoft Video Converter for Windows to convert audio to Lucky Rest Reminder supported format .wma or .mp3

Supported picture formats:

.png .gif .tif .tiff .jpg .jpeg .bmp

.png is the better

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